About us

Estimancy offers the first solution of Software costing automation based on artificial intelligence

This innovation allows to reduce the costs of software project estimations:

Simpler, faster, more reliable estimations, corresponding to best practices.
A more automated process of production of the calculations, allowing to capitalize, re-use, and manage the versions.

Estimancy provides a production process of quotation of suppliers that is optimized, in compliance with the negotiated fixed-rate agreement.
Furthermore, the solution re-uses the crossed experience thanks to the techniques of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Why did we choose the word “Estimancy” to define our company

The word Estimancy is the contraction of two words:


  • Estimation: The process of finding an estimate that is a usable value for a given purpose, even if input data is incomplete, uncertain or unstable.
  • Mancy (or Mancie in French): The art of predicting the future based on observations (Cartomancy, Lithomancy).