Software procurement management

Whether your procurement agreements are fixed-price or time based,

are you sure to pay the right price?

Main features

Our software procurement management plateform offers an unrivaled experience thanks to many features
Catalogs of contractual fixed-price components for application maintenance
Automated quote control thanks to machine learning
Collaborative quote establishment
Dashboards to monitor the supplier's agreements
Budgetary monitoring of what is planned and done for each domain of application
Assessment of suppliers with regard to contractual SLAs
Benchmarking compared to market rates
Priority management according to business needs


Our software procurement management platform provides many benefits
Estimancy enables its users to cut IT procurement expenses by 10% to 30%, thanks to the accurate count of components preventing pricing errors. Budgets and expenses related to software projects are well handled, to facilitate arbitration.
Estimancy replaces the advantages standard spreadsheets to:
• buy fixed-price software components and not pay based on spent time,
• smooth communication between stakeholders,
• guarantee that the IT procurement agreement will be respected.
Estimancy simplifies IT procurement management. Actually, you can manage thousands of quotes (and their intermediate versions) with less resources than before, since they are centralized in a single platform. All the quotes enrich a database.

Case study

SNCF manages contracts from 11 service centers and 547 applications with Estimancy. This study case details the context, the stakes and the benefits brought by Estimancy.

Estimancy is the only software platform adressing quote industrialization [...], which enables to monitor any nature of work.
Frédéric Esnault
In charge of quote industrialization for SNCF

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Estimancy is a SaaS application. Its price is established according to provided services. It is calculated based on the volume of annual quotes and of IT procurement agreements to manage.

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Estimancy's integration process to your organization may take several forms:
  • Based on Estimancy standard agreements: lump-sum payment for 8 to 10 days
  • Based on units of work: lump sum payment for 15 to 20 days
  • Analysis, agreement confoguration and validation
  • Workflow, role and group configuration and user creation
  • User training (1h)