Control the price of subcontracted projects

Divide by 10 the management cost of the subcontracted projects quotation.

Estimancy offers a platform which enables to industrialize the quotation process of your subcontractors to:

  • Make sure that the prices are respected
  • Simplify the monitoring of the calculations
  • Avoid misuses

What is software procurement?

Software Procurement consists in sharing a platform of calculations between a company and its SSII (SOFTWARE ENGINEERING COMPANY) subcontractors.

It enables to avoid managing, following, controlling and/or validating thousands of files (Excel files for most of them). Files are complex and we can never be sure that they were not corrupted, or that they are the correct version.

Estimancy allows to:

  • Define and calibrate the catalogs of services.
  • Industrialize the process of calculation (workflow – security – access rights).
  • Facilitate the control of suppliers estimates.
  • Insure the traceability from demand to calculation.
  • Avoid the complex and numerous Excel files and wrong versions.

Our solution is also able to automatically calculate projects using the specifications thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

Minimize costs

Thanks to a centralized management of the calculations of your subcontractors, you can:

  • Simplify the monitoring of the calculations
  • Avoid misuses
  • Reduce contract management costs
  • Compare suppliers

Thanks to a simple and powerful configuration, you can include all the elements of price calculation, such as productivity terms and prices according to localization, etc.