IT Sourcing: Automated management and monitoring of subcontracted software projects

Software Procurement

Estimancy enables to manage fixed price subcontractor’s agreements. The platform acts as a conduit between a company and its subcontractors.

The subcontractor builds a quote corresponding to a demand on the platform Estimancy. Then, the client agrees, asks for alterations or declines the quote as soon it is validated by the subcontractor.

Therefore, the plateform enables companies to delegate the management, the follow up, the monitoring or the validation of thousands of quotes (Excel files most of the time). Estimancy assures that the files, which are often complex, are not corrupted. It also keeps tracks of former quotes and makes sure that the agreement is respected.

In order to build the subcontractor’s agreement, Estimancy offers to choose ready to use units of work from a catalog, which can be altered.

Why do you need Estimancy to manage your subcontractors ?

Estimancy enables to automatically manage and monitor the prices of subcontracted software projects to:

  • objectify the cost of suncontracted projects;
  • control hundreds of supplier invoices, in compliance with the negociated agreements;
  • ensure the compliance of the Service-Level Agreements (SLA);
  • come up with assessments once the projects are completed;
  • control the expenses;
  • compare the suppliers;
  • secure data.

How to use Estimancy 

Estimancy is an Open Source solution, available in Saas or On Premise, through a subscription.

The standard configuration may be altered to fit your needs.

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You hired subcontractors to take care of you software projects
You want to monitor the evolution of projects according to agreements ?

How does Estimancy work ?

Thanks to a simple and powerfull configuration, Estimancy enables you to manage all your subcontractors agreements, taking into account all the factors of pricing, such as clauses of productivity, prices depending on location, etc.

The learning ability of Estimancy can track down quote irregularities to ask for additional monitoring. For instance, if a quote ends up being more expensive than the one of a similar request.

That technological innovation is based on the latest developments of artificial intelligence (machine learning, automated language processing). The sizes and costs of requests written in natural language can be compared after a learning phase.

Therefore, project managers can rely on the expertise of Estimancy to pilote their projects in order to deliver them in time, and according to the initial budget. They will be able to spend more time on what they have to do than on discussing the price.


The Estimancy solution is Open Source, available in Saas or On Premise, through subscription.

The standard configuration may be altered to better fit your needs.

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Estimancy can be quickly and easily deployed within your organization :

  • 1
    Current measure and estimation methods analysis
  • 2
    Implementation and calibration in Estimancy
  • 3
    Team training and support
  • 4
    Further improvements
    Final assessment and optimization