The estimation of the spend and duration of software development projects

71% of software projects either fail or exceed forcasted budget and duration. Incomplete requirements and poor estimates are the main reasons for those failures.

Standish group 2018 Chaos report

Software Project Estimation

A successfull project is a project that complies with the forecast spend and deadlines. But how to estimate the budget and the deadlines of a project before it even starts? Estimancy Software Project Estimate provides reliable estimates to improve the success rate of project based on the standards and best practices of the industry.

Main features
Our cost and duration estimation platform offers an unrivaled experience thanks to many features
Cost and duration estimation at different stages of the project
Embedded standards and norms
End-result analysis
Estimation model simplification
Team productivity benchmarking
Indreased reliability the estimation of projects' cost and duration
scenarii simulation
Adaption of requirement permiter to fit the target budget
Dashboard to facilitate budgetary arbitration


Our cost and duration estimation platform provides many benefits

More accurate estimates

Estimancy is a software engineering solution relying on admitted standards. Thanks to machine learning, Estimancy automatizes the estimation process, which helps estimation inacurracies.

Increased maturity

Estimancy can manage and accumulate thousands of estimates and their different versions. The standardization of the sizing and estimation practices within your organization enhances staff maturity.

Boosted success rate

With Estimancy, you can estimate costs and duration all along the project lifecycle, to help you set rational goals and facilitate arbitration. The platform also enables to compare staff productivity to market average.
Case study
For 75 years, Smals has been a pioneer of public sector IT for Belgian people and companies. Smals manages about a hundred software projects for a budget of 30 million euros a year. This case study shows how Smals could make its budgetary estimates more reliable thanks to Estimancy.
Estimancy enables to accelerate the quotation process very early in the project lifecycle, to give more confidence to clients and to store quotes.
Tom Van Medegael
In charge of PMO for Smals
Study case Smals
Estimancy is a SaaS application. Its price depends on the volume of estimates and on the number of standard estimation models that are used.
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Estimancy's integration process to your organization may take several forms:
If you wish to adopt standard estimation models:
o Model adaptation to your organization (a 2-hour meeting)
o Pre-training model calibration
o Function Point sinzing training (average complexity): 3 hours (elearning)
o Model training
o Coaching for 1 month
o Support
If you wish to implement your own estimation models:
o Configuration: 1 day per model
o Group, role and security definition: 1 day
o User training: 1 hour
o Support and coaching for a month

Estimation des coûts et délais des projets logiciels

71 % des projets de développements logiciels sont en échec ou dépassent les budgets ou les délais prévus. Les exigences incomplètes et les mauvaises estimations sont les causes premières de ces échecs.

Rapport Chaos 2018 du Standich Group