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What is Estimancy useful for?

Estimancy provides cost automation solutions for software development and maintenance relying on Artificial Intelligence.

Those solutions aim at:

  • Managing outsourcing software agreements
  • Estimating the cost and duration of software development projects
  • Analyzing software development requirements.

Our AI-based technology (Machine Learning) allows to evaluate the amount of software to be developed according to the requirement specifications written in common natural language.

This is the result of tremendous combined research efforts from Estimancy, the CNRS’s (the finest French national research center), a top 10 Engineering school (Les Mines), PSA (Peugeot SA, a $85b French multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles) and Banque de France (Central French bank).

Our customers are mostly large companies or software companies such as SNCF (the $36b French railroad company), Allianz or EDF (A $78b French electric utility company). We also won many innovation awards throughout Europe.

Estimancy has presence in Europe and in the US.

Our expertise

  • Software project estimation
  • Software projects outsourcing
  • E-learning
  • IT projects costs management
  • Priority managements according to business needs
  • Monitoring IT projects budgets and expenses
  • Estimating the cost and duration of the different stages of the project
  • Benchmarking team productivity
  • Measuring the size of a project by function points
  • Automating technical document analysis
  • Facilitating requirements management

Estimancy offers a variety of products




Software Outsourcing Management : this product helps its users manage fixed price and time-based contracts in the optimal way.  Thanks to this product, outsourcers would be able to choose the best supplier and hence save up to 30% of their projects expenses. Here is a video to sum up the principle of Software Outsourcing Management:

Customer stories


Software Project Estimation : this product relies on Function Points sizing to help its users know in advance the costs and the delays of their software projects. Thanks to machine learning, Estimancy automatizes the estimation process, which helps avoiding estimation inacurracies. In addition to that, sizing and estimation practices enhance staff maturity.

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Tagger, Requirements Management : Tagger is a product that manages requirements simply by tagging and labelling them in MS Word . This product reduces the cost of requirement analysis by 20% to 40%, saves time, and makes the user adopt good practices that will come in handy in any other field of work.