Measure and estimation of software projects by certified experts

On demand
Why call on Estimancy to measure or estimate your software projects ?

Estimancy provides objective and documented measures and estimates, in compliance with best practices. You are then able to validate the budget and the schedule of your software project.

This service is provided by experimented certified experts.

This measure and estimation process is designed for you, if you are short of time, means or experience in software estimation.

Billing is on a time-spent basis.

How do Estimancy's experts work?

Estimancy’s estimation committee collects the specifications of your project’s software.

Functional requirements are then listed during phone interviews engaging the project manager or a knowledgeable person and one of our experts.

Once the functional requirements are weighed in Function Points (IFPUG), and imported into the platform Estimancy, we can quickly provide a detailed, precise and reliable estimate.

Project managers can then count on Estimancy’s reliability to lead their projetcs et deliver in time and in compliance with the budget.

The results of the estimation are available online. You can then check the different hypothesis and even arbitrate budget decisions. For intance, you can reduce the size of the developping team, the size of the project or the schedule in compliance with your means.

You undertake software projects every now and then
You need to be supervised by an expert to estimate the costs and duration of your software projects?