On demand software project cost and duration estimation

You want to:

Know the size of a project to be developed because you contractualized the developement service based on Function Points

Establish a balance sheet or calibrate an estimation model

Estimate software project expenses and duration

How do Estimancy’s Experts proceed?

The estimation committee collects all the project requirements. The functional requirements are “weighed” in Function Points (IFPUG, COSMIC) and imported in Estimancy. We can then quickly provide a detailed, accurate and reliable estimate. Project managers can rely on Estimancy’s reliability to conduct their projects and deliver in accordance with allocated costs and duration.


The measurement and the estimate are available online. You can review the hypotheses and conduct budgetary arbitrations: a smaller team, a smaller project or an anticipated deadline.

Why should you call on Estimancy to size or estimate software projects?

Estimancy provides unbiaised and documented measurements and estimates, in accordance with the best practices. Software project costs and duration can then be easily validated.
That service is undertaken by certified experts with an extensive experience in the industry.
That service is all the more indicated if you run short of time, means or knowledge in software sizing and estimation.

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