For a better management of requirements, tag and label them in MS Word

Tag your requirements for a greater efficiency

Once they are written, the technical documents such as the specifications are analyzed from several angles in order to:

  • measure the Functional size of the software, in Function Points or units of work for estimation purposes;
  • identify the existing features, those to be developed or those to be bought;
  • analyze the risks;
  • etc.

Generally speaking, these analyzes are done manually on a spreadsheet. We all know that this type of manipulation is fraught with errors, a waste of time, and that traceability with the original document is not guaranteed.

For this reason, we created “Tagger”, a solution for directly marking and labelling requirements in MS Word in order to automate their analysis in Excel. Requirements management becomes then much easier.

The main features

Tagger is an API on MS Word that automates technical document analysis and facilitates the management of requirements. 

management of requirements

Choice of the tagging system

Use of previous taggs

Configurable exportation to analyse the file in Excel

Display of metadata

Customizable dashboard in Excel

Machine Learning

Data-attribute association

Up to 20 attributes that can have  multiple values

The benefits of tagger for the management of requirements

Tagger has multiple benefits.

Cost reduction

Estimancy’s platform reduces the cost of requirement analysis by 20% to 40%. Thus, Estimancy Tagger becomes profitable within a few days.

Time saving

Tagger allows you to analyze requirements in a faster way, easily produce your indicators, keep the mark even when you receive a new version of the document, and presents many other benefits!

Good practices

For a project to be successful, there must be a good management of requirements. Estimancy Tagger allows you to adopt these good practices effortlessly, whether you are in the field of software, of system engineering or other domains.


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