Industrialization of sizing and estimation processes

Standardization of practices
Why do you need to industrialize the measure and estimation processes ?

The standardization of estimation practices throughout a company provides more reliable budgets and ensures the succes of software projects. The offering of Estimancy operates with several estimation methods, depending on the progress of your project. Those tryed and tested approaches are quickly deployable within different kinds of organisations.

How does Estimancy work ?

Estimancy is a full web solution which can organize and manage the software project measures and estimates for big companies, weather the software projects are internally developped or subcontracted.

Estimancy can implement any estimation model, weather it rests on software sizing (IFPUG, COSMIC, etc) or not, thanks to a simple configuration, and no matter which development approach will be used (agile, waterfall, iterative, etc).

Estimancy estimates automatically software projects from user requirements in natural language. That technological innovation is based on the latest developments of artificial intelligence (machine learning, automated language processing) and requires the elaboration of a knowledge base.

Therefore, project managers can rely on the expertise of Estimancy to pilote their projects in order to deliver in time, and according to the initial budget.

Your organization is in charge of many software projects
You wish to automate and industrialize your estimation process ?


The Estimancy solution is Open Source, available in Saas or On Premise, through subscription.

The standard configuration may be altered to better fit your needs.

Contact us for a quote or a test.

Estimancy can be quickly and easily deployed within your organization :

  • 1
    Current measure and estimation methods analysis
  • 2
    Implementation and calibration in Estimancy
  • 3
    Team training and support
  • 4
    Further improvements
    Final assessment and optimization