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Learn how to calculate the size and the cost of your software projects

Why should you learn how to size and estimate your software projects?

A project manager should know how to build a budget, how to measure the progress and how to objectify the efforts, the cost and the duration of the project. To do so, there are software measurement and estimation methods. Estimancy offers an online course about the basis of software measurement and estimation. Advanced courses will soon be available.

The courses


Free course

The basics of sizing and estimating software projets

This course is designed for developers and project managers willing to improve their skills related to software sizing and estimation thanks to the average complexity IFPUG method. It provides the keys to learn to count the size of your software projects and to estimate the effort, the cost and the deadlines in order to properly manage your software projects.

That is a three-hour class. A certificate is delivered after the final exam.
The course encompasses:

  • Explanatory videos for each chapter,
  • Practical cases,
  • Quizzes,
  • A final exam,
  • Experts who are reachable by email.

Free course

IFPUG software sizing

The objective of this course is to teach you how to count Function Points according to the IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) method.

Prior to this course, you must have followed the training on “The Basics of Measurement and Estimation in Software Projects”. It provides the key elements and concepts of software measurement and estimation and will introduce you to Function Point sizing.

That is a three-hour class. A certificate is delivered after the final exam.

This training will address :

  • Evaluation of the complexity of data and transaction functions,
  • Identification and evaluation of conversion functions,
  • Enhancement projects sizing using IFPUG.
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