Acquisition category

Project object. Examples: license purchase, internal development, IARD.


Estimancy’s page on which are displayed the estimation plan and the results of the estimation and from which the module may be adjusted.


Mobilization of forces (physical or intellectual) that are necessary to carry out the project.

Effort unit

Unit in which is expressed the effort.

Estimation plan

Set of modules. Some module take as inputs the outputs of other modules.

Function points

Used to determine the size of an application through the quantification of the functionalities of the application.

Knowledge base

Data base gathering previous estimations that will be compared to the current estimation to determine specifications.


Open (non-proprietary) standard for storing and retrieving names, addresses, phone numbers and other recorded information from an online directory.


Time to completion of a project or program, or the period for which a contractual agreement, financial instrument, guaranty, insurance policy, loan, or offer is issued or is in force.


Element representing one of the specifications of the project.


Company or department of a company in charge of the project.


Hierarchy of the products of the project.

Platform category

Platform for which the object of the project is conceived. Examples: PC, tablet, etc.

Programming language

Coded language used by programmers to write instructions that a computer can understand to do what the programmer wants.

Projet category

Application category of the project object. Example: Agile, software, etc.

Project sector

Company sector concerned by the project. Example: accountings, HR, etc.

Unit of work

Is used in accountings to distribute the charges according to general criterion such as the number of employees of the company, the hours dedicated to the project, etc.

User environment menu

Menu from which the user can access all the information concerning his/her profile (user, profile, permissions, other users, organizations).


Window in which are displayed data concerning modules. Example: Global view.


Configurable box displayed on the dashboard enabling to show the results of the estimation.


Representation of one or several tasks or operations to be done by a person, a group of people, etc.