Execution fo the Modules of WBS-Activity

On the dashboard, the following elements from the WBS are displayed:

  • input effort
  • selected ratio (with a selection list to change ratios)
  • total calculated effort
  • total retained effort
  • global ratio: calculated with the formula “(input effort/total effort) * 100”
  • input variables specified during the configuration of the instance of the module. Only the variables with a name containing a non-empty string of characters will be displayed. The percentage values of the input effort of those variables can be modified by the user depending on his/her assigned functions and on the configuration of the instance.
  • stages of the WBS activity:

The value of the retained effort and of the total cost may be modified if the stage has been specified as modifiable in the instance.

For each stage, a description and a comment can be added to explain any alterations.

If the stage has been specified as facultative, it may or may not be considered in the calculation of the effort or of the total cost (check box in the line of the stage).

To save the information, there are two buttons:

  • “Calculate”: to recalculate the formulae for each stage, considering the values altered by hand.
  • “RAZ”: to recalculate the formulae for each stage with the default values of the module.