Execution of the Modules of Staffing


> Standard configuration

> “Time-Cost trade-off” configuration

> Data that may be displayed in widgets



That module provides the duration and max staffing of the project from an input effort. The duration is calculated according to the McDonnell formula which parameters can be customized in the instance. The max. staffing is calculated with the Raleigh formula which parameters may also be customized and saved in the instance.

There are 2 types of configuration for that module:

  • Standard
  • Time cost trade off


    > Staffing with standard configuration

    Thanks to that configuration, the max. staffing may be customized according to the time period.

    Example of a module of staffing with standard configuration on the dashboard.

    On the dashboard, you can modify the data in the white boxes. The data in grey boxes cannot be altered.
    You may reinitialize the calculation or execute a new calculation thanks to the buttons located in the top-right corner of the view.



    > Staffing with the Time Cost Trade Off configuration

    With that configuration, the duration and the max. staff may be adjusted thanks to sliders, depending on the duration you want to get as an output.
    For instance, the more the duration increases, the more the staff increases and the more the effort decreases and vice versa.

    Example of a module of staff with the Time Cost Trade Off configuration on the dashboard.

    You may execute a new calculation or export the table thanks to the buttons located in the lower part of the view.



    > Data that can be displayed in widgets.

    The data that can be displayed in widgets for that module are the following:

    The input effort corresponds to the standard effort and the output effort corresponds to the adjusted effort.