The first artificial-intelligence-based platform

designed to

control software project expenses


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Software outsourcing management

Wether your contracts are based on fixed-prices or on man-days, are you sure you are paying the right price?

Software project estimation

71% of software development projects either fail or exceed the budget or the deadline. Incomplete requirements and bad estimates are the main reasons for those failures.


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On demand software sizing and estimation

Better manage your project to meet the budget and deadline


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"Estimancy offers a simple and efficient method to implement any software estimation system"
Testimonial by Véronique Ditte Orefice
Véronique Ditte Orefice
Function point and estimation expert - PSA
"Estimancy is simple, clear, documented and we are guided"
Frédéric Esnault
In charge of the estimation process industrialization at SNCF
"Estimancy accelerates the estimation process early in the project and makes customers more confident"
Testimonial by Tom Van Medegael
Tom Van Medegael
In charge of PMO at Smals

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